2023 IMAGINE Revolution in cosmetics a You have all needed cosmetic ingredients at disposal all the time
in comfort of your home. And you have community of Beauty
experts backing-up your decision.
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Slide a a 01 SMART APP YOUR COSMETICS ASSISTANT Enter your skin type and our algorithms will advice you with your skin treatment plan. Download community recipes, measure your reduction of your carbon footprint, control your device, create your recipes, save your skin improvements... View More
  • UNIQUE device allow user to MIX their cosmetics recipes.
  • With more than 10 000 diferent combination we are reducing need for numerous jars.  
  • Device serves COOLED or HEATED cosmetics.
  • Ambiental lighting 
  • Bio PE capsuls we recycle up to 20 times (with our easy ordering system we deliver you a package with new capsules which we recycle).

Slide a Beauty INFLUENCERS
03 BEE SMART COMMUNITY Our community public recipes share platform offer each of us to download and use tested routines by our community.
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